Come riding at the Think Like a Pony Riding Centre, Leeds

  • Doing things together builds confidence
  • Anything is possible when you ride in harmony
  • New experiences are safe when you feel in control

Riding Centre for Young Riders in Leeds!

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Our riding centre is a unique education centre that empowers children through interaction with ponies.  As well as teaching students to ride, we offer horsemanship experiences that help children to develop empathy, understanding and communication with and for another animal.  In this way, Think Like a Pony empowers young people and helps them to develop mentally, emotionally and physically.   Through this approach, young people develop the skills and perspective needed to excel as horse riders and handlers.

Through Think Like a Pony, children learn how to communicate with ponies safely, effectively and respectfully. They have the opportunity to learn how a pony thinks, feels and why they behave the way they do. By developing a relationship with a pony, students learn important and fundamental communication and social skills, therefore developing as people.

The centre has had great successes in rehabilitating and retraining ponies. All the ponies at Think Like a Pony Leeds have been gifted. Through successful training programmes, the ponies have developed their talents in inspiring children and developing their confidence. The students at the centre play a key role in the ponies’ training. This is inspiring for young people who see that their input really can make a difference.

The education at the centre is supported by the Think Like a Pony series of workbooks, written by Lynn Henry, and the Think Like a Pony Club. These unique educational resources support and excel children’s learning.

Find out more about the Think Like a Pony ethos at and the Think Like a Pony Club at

1 to 1 Rider Training

rider training for small children

At the centre, beginner riders are taught one-to-one by a qualified instructor.

Even when beginner riders are in a group, they will have their own instructor.

When students can ride independently and in balance, they can either continue learning privately or can join a small group.

By learning to handle a pony on the ground and be an effective leader, children not only learn how to stay safe around ponies but also develop personal life skills.

We can only accommodate for children under 5 and adults from Tuesday-Friday during the hours of 9am-3pm. All assessment lessons must be booked in Tuesday-Friday. We have limited availability for adult riders as the centre’s largest pony is 14.2 hh. This means we have strict height and weight restrictions for adult riders.

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Think Like a Pony Club

Educational resources

Think Like a Pony has a special children’s Club with an interactive website which is supported by workbooks and worksheets. Children can work towards awards and badges either on their own, in their lessons or at special Club events.

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Think Like a Pony Ethos

Meet the trainers and ponies

The Think Like a Pony ethos is to help children and young people to become better leaders and communicators by empowering them with an understanding of the '3 Rs': Respect for self - Respect for others - Responsibility in all that they do.

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"Think Like a Pony is so much fun that even my mum has started riding."

"The thing that I love is I not only ride but also make friends with a pony. I can treat the pony as my own, learning to lead, tack up and groom as well as ride."

"There is no shouting at this riding school! Just laughing!"

"I found riding at my local riding school boring. Since I have been riding at the Think Like a Pony centre, riding is not only fun but now I understand ponies better."

"Before I started learning here, I had become frightened and my instructor didn’t seem to care. Now I feel it’s OK to be frightened because I know how to take control and become relaxed again."