Come riding at the Think Like a Pony Riding Centre, Leeds

  • Doing things together builds confidence
  • Anything is possible when you ride in harmony
  • New experiences are safe when you feel in control

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Little girl riding a pony

Thank you for your interest in Think Like a Pony.

If you have any questions or comments, wish to book a lesson or enquire about a Think Like a Pony event, please call 07912 784193 or send us a message using the form below..

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Your comments…

“I found riding at my local riding school boring. Since I have been riding at the Think Like a Pony centre, riding is not only fun but now I understand ponies better.”

“Think Like a Pony is so much fun that even my mum has started riding.”

“The thing that I love is I not only ride but also make friends with a pony. I can treat the pony as my own, learning to lead, tack up and groom as well as ride.”

“There is no shouting at this riding school! Just laughing!”