Come riding at the Think Like a Pony Riding Centre, Leeds

  • Doing things together builds confidence
  • Anything is possible when you ride in harmony
  • New experiences are safe when you feel in control


Little girl riding a pony

Think Like a Pony Club events are a great way to excel children’s learning. As well as this, events give students an opportunity to meet new friends who share a similar interest and to be part of the Think Like a Pony community.

We offer pony birthday parties! Contact us for more information.

Events Diary

Your comments…

rider training for small children

“I found riding at my local riding school boring. Since I have been riding at the Think Like a Pony centre, riding is not only fun but now I understand ponies better.”

“Think Like a Pony is so much fun that even my mum has started riding.”

“The thing that I love is I not only ride but also make friends with a pony. I can treat the pony as my own, learning to lead, tack up and groom as well as ride.”

“Before I started learning here, I had become frightened and my instructor didn’t seem to care. Now I feel it’s OK to be frightened because I know how to take control and become relaxed again.”

“There is no shouting at this riding school! Just laughing!”